Main activities for Local Election 2013



Civil Receipt of First Extract of Civil Registry from Agency of Registration

Regulation 02/2013, Article 3.3

CEC receives the Extract of Civil Registry not later than 2 days after the announcement of Election Day


Appointment of Municipal Election Commissions

Article 67 of LGP

CEC appoints MEC within the deadline of (15) days after the announcement of Election Day.

03.07 -07.07.2013

CEC must decide regarding spending limit for political entities

Article of LGP

CEC defines the maximum of expenditures of campaign based on the general number of voters registered in Voters List in the latest update of Voters List in available to CEC.

03.07 - 04.09.2013

Application period for certification of Political Entities

Article 15.2 of LGP

Application for certification can be submitted in every time during regular work schedule until 60 days before Election Day.

27.07 - 04.09.2013

Period of registration for out of Kosovo voting

Article 97 of LGP

Regulation nr.03/2013

Eligible voters can apply to obtain a ballot for out of Kosovo voting by submitting completed applications for out of Kosovo voting/ Form of voter registration.

06.08 -24.09.2013

Voter services period

Regulation nr 17/2013

CEC allows all voters with voting rights to be informed about  Polling Stations where they are designated and allows them  to change the polling station according to their choice closer to their permanent residence.

04.09 -19.10.2013

Deadline for registration as a voter with special needs

Article 99.1 of LGP

Regulation nr. 04/2013

Voting of persons with special needs and circumstances

10.09 -24.09.2013

Period of objection and confirmation

Article 8.1 of LGP

Regulation nr.02/2013

Eligible voters can object, pursuant to article 9, mistakes or omissions in the Voters List during the period defined for that purpose by CEC

01.10 - 01.11.2013

Out of Kosovo voting period

Regulation nr.03/2013

Out of Kosovo voting


Certification of Voters List

Article 8.6 of LGP

CEC certifies Final Voters List


Ballot lottery withdrawal for the order of political entities in the ballot

Article 24.1 of LGP

Ballot lottery withdrawal will take place in a defined date by CEC

17.09 - 01.10.2013

Deadline for appointment of polling station committees

Article 77 of LGP

Appointment of members and chairpersons of PSC


Publication of locations of Polling Centers

Article 83.1 of LGP

Publication of location of Polling Centers not later than 40 days before Election Day.

03.10 - 01.11.2013

Period of electoral campaign for political entities

Article 44 of LGP

Period of electoral campaign means 30 days of electoral campaign of political entities which ends 1 day before Election Day.

03.07 - 04.10.2013

Deadline for submission of requests for accreditation of individuals that wish to observe in the name of organizations

Article 54.5 of LGP

 Accreditation of individuals for observation of elections in the name of any organization must be submitted to CEC not later than 30 days before Election Day

03.07 - 09.10.2013

Requests for accreditation of observers of organizations

Article 54.3 of LGP

Request for accreditation of observers, every organization can submit to CEC at every time until 25 days before Election Day

03.07 - 14.10.2013

Deadline for accreditation of individuals that wish to observe in the name of organizations from CEC

Regulation nr. 07/2013

Election observers

03.07 - 19.10.2013

Request for application of media for observation of elections

Regulation nr.07./2013

Election observers



04.11 - 18.12.2013

Submission of Financial Report of the Campaign

Regulation nr.12/2013

Certification of Results

Article 106.1 of LGP

CEC certifies final results from Count and Results Center.

Return of payments of certification of PE-s

Regulation 08/2013, Article 9.2

Within 30 days after the certification of results


02.12 – 15.01.2014

Submission of Financial Report of the Campaign for the Second Round

Regulation nr.12/2013

Destruction of sensitive election material

Law No. 03/L-073, Article 103.4

CEC with a decision after official certification of election results, destroys election material within 60 days unless it is otherwise advised by EPAC

Financial Report regarding costs of elections

Law No. 03/L-073,  Article 113.6