Change your Polling Center

Central Election Commission of Republic of Kosovo is making all necessary preparations for organization of Municipal Mayor and Municipal Assembly Elections that will take place on 3rd of November 2013

Through the Period of Voters Services, CEC will enable all eligible voters to change their Polling Center based on their choice and as close as possible to their permanent residence.

The period of voter’s services begins on 06 August and ends on 24 September 2013.

During this period voters will be provided with general information such as:

·  Who meets the criteria to vote?

·  In which place will they vote?

·  How/where the latest voting data are registered?

Eligible voters will have the possibility to control their data in the office of Municipal Election Commission in each respective municipality in Republic of Kosovo or through web page of CEC


If you wish to change your Polling Center within your municipality, just fill the form “Change of Polling Center” with the help of Senior Municipal Election Officer of your local MEC. This is valid only if you are changing the Polling Center within the same municipality. The change of Polling Center can be done from 06 August until 24 of September 2013 in MEC offices in your municipality.

If you have changed your residence and wish to vote in another Polling Center in another municipality you must inform MCCR for the change on your address. After the renewal of the address in Civil Registry, the change will also reflect in Voters List.