Correct data in Voters List


22 OCTOBER 2017

Period of Confirmation and Challenge of Voters List

The Confirmation and Challenge Period is the period during which the Voters List will be made public for confirmation and objection.

During this period, the Central Election Commission enables all registered voters to challenge the Voters List for Local Elections to be held on October 22, 2017.

All interested can see the Voters List in Municipal Elections Commission Offices every working day from the date of August 29, 2017, until the date September 12, 2017.

Every eligible voter in the Republic of Kosovo has the right to view the Voters List and inform the executive officer of the Municipal Election Commission for any omission or irregularity.

Verify your name; verify the name of those you know and make sure everyone is included in the Voters List!

In order to be able to access the Voters List, you must show to the Municipal Election Commission executive officer in your municipality a valid identification document: identity card, travel document or driver's license.

Any legally qualified voter that has been successfully registered as a voter outside Kosovo can review the Voting List on the CEC website: Preliminary Out Of Kosovo Voters List.

You can address the First Instance Court a submission (Click here), with which you seek the exclusion or inclusion of any name in the Voters List. You must clearly state the facts and provide any evidence that supports your claim.