Establishment and organization

Central Election Commission (CEC) is established in accordance with article 139 of the Constitution of Kosovo, and is a permanent independent body. Central Election Commission is responsible for organization and implementation of elections in Kosovo. The role of the CEC is to regulate the electoral process through the adoption of the Election Rules and, monitoring of election process in all aspects to ensure that elections reach the international standards.

CEC consist of eleven( 11) members : Chairperson and ten(10) other members . Chairman appointed by President of Republic of Kosovo and elect between judges of the Supreme Court. The mandate of the CEC Chairman is seven (7) years, starting from the date of the announcement given for the appointment by President of Kosovo. Functionality of exercising the task of member of CEC , is assigned by low, and rules for exercise of the mandate. Ten (10) other members of the CEC, have been appointed as a result of the nominations of six (6) the largest parliamentary groups of the Kosovo Assembly, and four (4) members representing smaller communities in Kosovo.

Members of CEC are:

Valdete Daka – President
Betim Gjoshi (representative of PDK) – member
Ilir Gashi (representative of PDK) – member
Sami Hamiti (representative of LDK) – member
Adnan Rrustemi (representative of VETËVENDOSJE) – member
Blinak Vishaj (representative of AAK) - member
Eshref Vishi (representative of NISMA) – member
Bajram Ljatifi (representative of VAKAT) – member
Ercan Spat (representative e KDTP) – member
Nenad Rikalo (representative of SLS) – member
Ergit Qeli (representative of PLE) - member

Councils of the CEC
CEC have four permanent councils:

Personnel Council;
Budget and Procurement Council;
Council for Procedures; and
Council of Elections Operations.

The role of those councils is to solve certain issues and, to forward recommendations, reports, suggestions and opinions to the CEC for approval. Council consists of five (5) members from CEC.

Personnel Council: The Personnel Council monitors personnel issues in CECS, review and propose organogram and description of job duties.
Council for Budget and Procurement: Prepare the annual budget proposal for the CEC, examines the state of the existing budget, reviews proposals for procurement from CEC budget, and prepares reports for CEC regarding the budget.
Council for Procedures: This council prepares election procedures necessary for the development of  elections as described in relevant legislation, and procedures for payment of expenses and travel expenses of representation, for expenses of CEC and CEC's staff, such as phones (fixed and mobile), technical equipment and vehicles.
Council of Elections Operations: Advise and assist CEC in preparing and holding the elections for the Kosovo Assembly and municipal assemblies in Kosovo. Council of Elections Operations is engaged in the formulation and implementation of the Election Operation Plan under approval by the CEC. Council is associated with CEC and CECS- for all issues related to election preparations. Council (after reviews and consultations with CECS), proposes to CEC changes in deadlines and in sharing OF financial and human resources for different electoral activities approved in Electoral operational plan by the CEC. CEC will to address all issues of personnel, budget,