Press Release

Central Election Commission held a meeting chaired by the President of CEC, Valdete Daka.

At this meeting, the Chief Executive of CECS Enis Halimi presented to the members a report on the progress of the preparation of the Second Round of the Extraordinary Elections for Mayor in Drenas (Gllogoc) that will be held on December 18. He said that preparations are continuing as planned with the Operational Plan. 

During the meeting, the Central Election Commission decided to accredit additional and new observers who will observe the election process in this municipality. According to the Office for Registration of Political Parties and Certification applications were processed for 1 embassy; 1 representation of international institutions; 1 international non-governmental organization; 1 local non-governmental organization and 3 media - with a total of 52 observers. 

At the end of the meeting, the CEC approved the Operational Plan and the Conference Plan for Election Day (December 18) of the Second Round of Extraordinary Elections for Mayor in Drenas (Gllogoc). Also, CEC announced that during the time designated for voting, special free online voter information will be provided on the following number: 0800 55 555.