Participation in elections until 15:00 is: 15 thousand and 610 voters or 29.69%

15:30 –Central Election Commission held the conference related to Second Round of Extraordinary Municipal Mayor Elections in Drenas (Gllogoc).

In this conference, President of CEC Valdete Daka informed that participation in elections of eligible citizens until 15:00 is: 15 thousand and 601 voters or 29.69% from 52 thousand and 569 voters that are in Final Voters List. 

Until the same time in the First Round (04 December) 14 thousand and 193 voters had voted or 27% of eligible citizens. 

Also, President Daka informed that based on the information from Polling Centers, electoral process is progressing normally. 

Detail data for every Polling Station can be found at:


The next conference of CEC will be at 19:30, in CEC HQ and will be related to the progress of voting process; closing of polling stations and participation in voting.