All Polling Stations have been closed on time Voter turnout is: 23 thousand and 861 voters or 45.39%

19:30 –Central Election Commission held the conference related to the progress of voting process in Second Round of Extraordinary Municipal Mayor of Drenas (Gllogoc).

In this conference, President of CEC, Valdete Daka informed that all Polling Stations have been closed on time in this municipality. 

Also, she informed that voter turnout in this voting process is: 23 thousand and 861 voters, or 45.39%.  Detailed data related to every Polling Station can be found at: 

This participation is higher than the First Round of Elections (04 December) where from 52 thousand and 569 eligible citizens, 21 thousand and 318 voters or 40.55% had voted. 

President Daka, in behalf of Central Election Commission thanked all citizens of the Drenas (Gllogoc) municipality that exercised their right to vote and for the high democratic culture demonstrated during voting process. 

Also, President Daka thanked Polling Station Committees for their work during the entire voting process and encouraged that during counting process to implement all procedures of counting with the purpose of implementing the will of citizens. 

In the end, Central Election Commission expresses many thanks for other institutions, Kosovo Police and State Prosecutor by highly evaluating their work during this entire day.  

Central Election Commission informs that starting from 19:00 the 24 hour deadline for submission of complaints to Election Panel on Appeals and Complaints (EPAC) will begin.