CEC marked the Global Election Day

Central Election Commission marked for the fifth time Global Election Day.

On this occasion, in a solemn event the document titled “Elections in Kosovo 2000-2014” was published, which is a collection of data of electoral processes for this fourteen year period. 

In her opening remarks, CEC President Ms. Valdete Daka spoke about the history of this day and advancement of electoral processes in Kosovo. “Through marking this day we want to express our commitment to continue meeting our constitutional and legal obligations as an independent institution” said Daka.  

During the presentation of this document, which is published with the assistance of OSCE in Kosovo, President Daka informed that data that have characterized electoral processes in Kosovo since 2000 with first elections post-war and until 2014 to last elections, have been presented.  

Meanwhile, while speaking for year 2017 which is an electoral year in CEC calendar, since Local Election will take place, President Daka emphasized that Central Election Commission will maximally commit to fulfilling its duties successfully. 

In the end, Daka thanked the citizens for their trust in Central Election Commission and Political Entities, Civil Society and Media for their cooperation during these years, Also special thanks were expressed for the Mission of OSCE in Kosovo that has helped the development of CEC and for USAID and IFES for their continuous support. 

Global Election Day is marked in many countries since 2005 when election experts from around the world took part in Global Conference of Election Officials in Hungary. Through this conference they send a message regarding the vital necessity to strengthen the democratic development in the entire world. 

This day has the purpose of informing the public about the achievements and new challenges that are related to elections.