CEC starts organizing Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly

After the announcement of Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly, Central Election Commission held the meeting which initiated the intensive preparations for organization of these elections.

At the beginning of the meeting, president and members of CEC, congratulated citizens of Republic of Kosovo for the announcement of date of elections and expressed their commitment in meeting the legal and constitutional obligations. 

Central Election Commission agreed to invite international organizations and associations, part of which is CEC, to observe this electoral process.

  • CEC approved the Budget Plan for organization of Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly. The budget was approved in the value of: 4 million 944 thousand and 900 euro. The planned amount is related to production of election material; transport of sensitive and non-sensitive material; training of Polling Station Committees; payments for Municipal Election Commissions; payments for members of Polling Station Committees and other assistance staff.

  •  Central Election Commission. Pursuant to law, issued the decision to shorten the deadlines for organization of these elections in accordance with circumstances. After this  decision, CEC approved the Operational Plan for organization of Early Kosovo Assembly Elections that will take place on 11th of June 2017. 

Pursuant to the decision of CEC for defining deadlines of activities, some of the deadlines are as follows:  

- Application of political entities and candidates will begin on 11th of May and will end on 19th of May 2017.


- Deadline for withdrawal of the lots for ranking in the ballot will take place on 27th of May 2017.

- Deadline to define the campaign spending limit begins on 11th of May and ends on 15th of May 2017.

- Electoral Campaign as well the deadlines for electoral gatherings will begin on 31st of May and end on 9th of June 2017.

- Submission of request for accreditation of organizations for organizations of election observation and observers will begin on 11th of May 2017 and end on 4th of June 2017. 

- Application for registration as an out of Kosovo voter will begin on 15th of May and end on 22nd of May 2017.