Information-deadline for application for media accreditation

4th of JUNE is the deadline for application of media for accreditation as observers of Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly that will take place on 11 June 2017.


1.  Print this form (Form for media accreditation – Annex 4) which must be completed in hand writing and capital letters. This form must be completed by the Authorized Representative of the media house.

2.  This form (Media observer list – Annex 5) must be completed in Excel in electronic form. A copy of the same must be uploaded in a CD and one copy must be printed and signed by the Authorized Representative.

3.  Certification of Media House.

For further information, please contact following numbers 038 211 995 and 038 200 23 509.

Applications must be submitted only at the Office for Registration of Political Parties and Registration within the given deadline. Applications through e-mail will not be taken under consideration except applications from out of Republic of Kosovo.