The CEC certifies the Final Voters List 1 million 872 thousand and 941 voters

The Central Election Commission, in its meeting held on 31 May 2017, certified the Final Voters List for Early Elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, to be held on 11 June 2017. The Final Voters List (FVL 2017) contains 1 million 872 thousand and 941 names of voters. According to the data, the number of new voters is: 155 thousand and 202 voters, more specifically as follows:

·  118 thousand and 448 new voters who, after the 2014 Elections, have reached the age of 18 and will vote for the first time in the Early Elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, 11 June 2017..

·   36 thousand and 754 voters who have not been in the FVL 2014, which may be considered as voters registered for the first time in the Central Civil Registry between two pairs of elections, or voters who have been provided with documents of the Republic of Kosovo after the elections 2014.

Meanwhile, regarding the improvement of the Voters List, the following information were presented:

·  The number of people who have been removed as deceased after the 2014 elections is 33 thousand and 542.

The number of Polling Centers in these elections is: 889 (91 PC more than in 2014) with a total of 2,000 and 490 Polling Centers (116 more Polling Stations than in 2014).

 In this meeting the final report related to the period of application for registration as an out of Kosovo voter. During this period through postal address of CEC; fax and emails, 20 thousand and 354 applications were received, as follows:

·  15 thousand and 118 were successfully registered as voters;

·  5 thousand and 236 applications for registration were rejected, for the following  reasons:

-  14 applicants were under the age of 18 and did not reach this age even on Election Day;

-  118 applications for registration did not sign the application form; and

-  5 thousand 104 applicants have been refused because they have not met the legal criteria for inclusion in the voter list outside Kosovo. 

In the continuity of the meeting, the Central Election Commission accredited the Second Observer Group, whose number is 350. So far, the number of observers accredited by the CEC is: 373 observers.

At the end of the meeting, the CEC appointed the Polling Station Committees in 34 municipalities, while CEC members agreed that the rest (4 municipalities) would be appointed in another meeting on Thursday.