Informationn from CEC meeting

Election Commission conducted the consequent meeting chaired by President Valdete Daka. At this meeting, the Central Election Commission accredited the VI Group of Observers for Early Elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, to be held on 11 June, involving 1, 437 observers.

So far, the Central Election Commission has accredited 4,888 observers representing political entities certified for participation in the elections; Organizations and International Institutions; Local non-governmental organizations, etc.

At this meeting, the Central Election Commission also discussed the measures to be taken to increase transparency and protect the will of voters, counting the votes of political parties and candidates for deputies. CEC members discussed some of the measures that could be taken in this regard, such as: A Polling Station informative circular for punitive measures foreseen in the Criminal Code in case of non-accurate counting of candidates and political entity votes and the possibility of additional incentives for all polling station committees that conclude the counting process successfully and without warning. Also, an additional measure was proposed to sign a Code of Ethics by the Polling Station Committees as a pledge form to fulfill their duties responsibly.

The CEC members agreed that during the following day (Tuesday, June 6), the Central Election Commission Secretariat will submit to CEC a document/analysis on the budget cost and the possibility of the most efficient implementation of this idea.