CEC completed the accreditation process for observers: 29 thousand and 264 observers

The Central Election Commission held its next meeting on preparations for the Early Parliamentary Elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo to be held on June 11, 2017.

The meeting was held at the Media Center, which will be a space for accredited media that will follow the work of the CEC. 

At this meeting, the Central Election Commission accredited the IXth and the last Group of the Observers who will observe these elections. The total number of accredited observers is 29 thousand and 264 observers, divided as follows:

  •  160 observers from 8 Embassies, 
  •  301 observers from 7 International Organizations, 
  •  8 thousand and 830 observers from Local NGO’s, 
  •  3 thousand and 657 observers from the Political Parties participating in these elections, 
  •  15 thousand and 784 Observers from the Coalitions participating in these elections, 
  •  27 Observers from International Institutions (Election Management Bodies from different countries of the world), 
  •  1 observer from 1 Local Institution, 
  •  468 accredited observers representing Local Media, and 
  •  36 accredited observers representing International Media.