Information from CEC meeting

Election Commission held the consequent meeting chaired by Valdete Daka.

In this meeting Central Election Commission issued a decision for recounting of 30 ballot boxes for different reasons that have been found during their intake in Count and Results Center. 

In the continuity of the meeting, members of CEC agreed to have an analysis regarding the nature of invalidity of ballots from this electoral process as well a general analysis for the progress of the electoral process that would serve CEC for a better organization of Local Elections of this year. 

During this meeting, it was announced that the number of ballots after the assessment of the packages with ballots received by post is: 5 thousand and 246, which will be counted in Count and Results Center. 

In this meeting, members of CEC encourages the staff of Count and Results Center tp continue with their work in order to announce as soon as possible the Final Results of Early Elections for Kosovo Assembly that took place on 11th of June.