Information Related to Election Process for Early Assembly Election of the Republic of Kosovo, 11 June 2017

Information Related to Election Process for Early Assembly Election of the Republic of Kosovo, 11 June 2017.

At this meeting, Co-coordinator of Counting and Results Center, Burim Ahmetaj presented the latest report from the recount process of the group of 280 Polling Stations. He announced that there were still a small number of ballot boxes to be recounted, and most of them will be partially re-counted. Ahmetaj announced that the recount process is expected to be completed today and then continue counting the votes that have come through the mail (5 246) and conditional ballots (25,386).

At this meeting, on the recommendation of the CRC, the CEC decided to recount another 3 ballot boxes due to some discrepancies.

Announcement on Preparations for Local Elections, October 22, 2017

The Central Election Commission approved the Operational Plan and the calendar of the main activities for organizing Local Elections to be held on 22 October 2017.

Some of the main activities are as follows:



21 june – 22 august 2017

Period of Application for Certification of Political Entities

16 july – 23 august 2017

Deadline for application for voter registration outside Kosovo

18 -19 september 2017

Voters List Certification

6 september 2017

Withdrawal of the lottery for the political entities on the ballot

21 september – 20 october 2017

Election campaign period for political entities

22 june – 21 september 2017

Deadline for submission of accreditation requests for individuals wishing to observe on behalf of organizations

22 june – 26 september 2017

Request for Accreditation of Organizational Observers

22 june – 2 october 2017

Request for accreditation of observer organizations for observation on Election Day

22 june – 6  october 2017

Request for media application for election observation

Also, the Central Election Commission decided to limit the election campaign expenditures for Political Entities that will participate in these elections. According to the CEC decision, the allowed expenses for political entities are 0.50 euros per voter. While in municipalities where the number of voters is fewer than 5 thousand allowed expenses for political entities are 0.70 euros per voter.