CEC announced Final Results

Prishtinë, 29 qershor 2017 - Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve shpalli Rezultatet Përfundimtare të Zgjedhjeve të Parakohshme për Kuvendin e Republikës së Kosovës që u mbajtën më 11 qershor 2017. Prishtina, 29 June 2017 – The Central Election Commission announced the final results of the Early Parliamentary Elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, held on 11 June 2017

Initially, President of CEC thanked all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo that participated in these elections, showing the world the example of our country for free, and democratic elections and pursuant to international standards.

Also, Daka thanked the other institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the international ones for the assistance they have provided during this election process.

At the end of the conference, it was announced that from now on, a 24-hour deadline has begun for political entities and candidates to file complaints to the Election Panel on Appeals and Complaints.