Information for CEC meeting

Central Election Commission held the consequent meeting chaired by the President of the CEC, Valdete Daka.

At this meeting, two recommendations of the Office for Registration of Political Parties and Certification were reviewed.

At the beginning, the Central Election Commission approved the recommendation for the decertification of the five candidates of various Political Entities who have voluntarily withdrawn within the foreseen deadline. The CEC has given a 24-hour deadline for these Political Entities to make the replacement of these candidates.

In addition to the meeting, the CEC also reviewed the recommendation for the decertification of 86 candidates whom have final verdicts from the Courts of the Republic of Kosovo. After the discussions, in order to reach a consensual solution, the CEC members agreed that the meeting on this item on the agenda would continue tomorrow, as it was necessary to remove the dilemmas over all the cases that were presented for decertification.