Information from CEC Meeting

Central Election Commission has held the consecutive meeting chaired by CEC President Valdete Daka.

In this meeting, Central Election Commission accredited the next group of observers of Local Elections. From the Office of Registration of Political Parties and Certification it has been known that this is the IV group of observers with 840 observers.

Also, Central Election Commission, based on the recommendation of OPPRC annulled the accreditation of 23 observers of Local Elections. The Director of OPPRC, Miradije Mavriqi informed that based on the Law on General Elections no person can serve as an observer if they are as well candidate for elected office in Kosovo.

Until now the number of observers accredited by CEC for observation of Local Elections of 22nd of October is approx. 32 thousand and 500.

In another item of the agenda, Central Election Commission approved the slogan of Local Elections 2017 which is: For your municipality. Vote.