Information from CEC meeting

The Central Election Commission held its next meeting chaired by the Presiden t of the CEC, Valdete Daka.

At this meeting, Central Election Commission made a decision for the full recount of 440 polling stations from different municipalities in Kosovo. Recounting refers to Municipal Assembly Elections and comes after the Election Panel on Appeals and Complaints for Recounting of these Polling Stations. 

Also, at this meeting, the Chief Executive of the Secretariat of the CEC, Enis Halimi presented a report on the progress of preparations for the second round of Election for President that will be held in 19 municipalities.

He also informed that the operation of out of Kosovo voting is still continuing and 6 thousand and 847 votuers will have the right to vote by mail. 

 Halimi also related to preparations that are being done in order to enable all Persons with Specialo Needs to vote through mobile teams on Election Day. The total number of voters from this category are: 2 thousand and 16 voters.

In the next item on the agenda, the Central Election Commission approved the Plan for the Second Round of Elections (November 19th) and nominated the Polling Station Committees in the Partesh municipality where the revoting for Municipal Mayor will be held the same day.