Information from CEC meeting

Central Election Commission held the meeting that was chaired based on the rotation, by member of CEC Binak Vishaj.

In this meeting Central Election Commission certified final results of elections of second round for following Municipalities: Gjakova, Gjilan, Dragash, Kaçanik, Kamenica, South  Mitrovica, Obiliq, Podujeva, Shtime, Suhareka, Vushtrri and Malisheva, as well  certified the final results of the revoting for Municipal Mayor in Partesh municipality.

Meanwhile, Central Election Commission announced the final results for elections for Municipal Mayor in Kllokot and informed that the deadline of 24 hours for complaints at EPAC will begin with the announcement. 

The next item of the agenda, Central Election Commission, certified the final results of Municipal Assembly in Vushtrri, which took place in 22 October. In the previous meetings, CRC had certified the final results of 37 Municipal Assemblies.

As well, regarding the preparation for organization of rerun of second round of elections for Municipal Mayor of Istog, which will take place on 17th of December, Chief Executive Officer of CEC Secretariat Enis Halimi, presented in front of the members a report related to the progress of preparations.

Regarding the confirmation and verification of out of Kosovo voters (2-6 December) for the Istog municipality, he informed that there are totally 85 voters that have send official proof for their addresses from out of Kosovo and those have been confirmed as well. Meanwhile, the registered out of Kosovo voters (16 July-23 August) that have not sent any additional official proof will be returned to the regular voters list for voters within the country, based on their addresses in Central Civil Registry.