Out of Country Voting

Rerun of Second Round of Elections for Municipal Mayor in Istog

17 December 2017


Central Election Commission will organize the rerun of elections for Municipal Mayor in Istog.

The right to vote by mail have the voters of the Istog municipality, whom have been registered successfully for by mail voting, from 16 July 2017 until 23 August 2017 and that have confirmed and verified the data on the addresses of their out of Kosovo residences and the telephone numbers, during the period of 02 December 2017 until 06 December 2017.

In the ballot there are only two candidates that in the first round have won the highest number of votes.

You should mark only one Candidate.

All the applicants that have successfully been registered as out of Kosovo voters for the municipality of Istog and that have verified and confirmed the data on the address of their out of Kosovo residence and telephone numbers have the right to vote.

The ballot for Municipal Mayor

Return of ballot package:

  • The completed ballot must be placed in the secrecy envelope that you have received by mail or in another unmarked envelope and sealed. This will preserve the secrecy of your vote.
  • The sealed secrecy envelope and the copy of a valid identification document must be placed in the return envelope with the address of CEC printed or in another envelope with the address of CEC written in it.

Central Election Commission, Republic of Kosovo, By Mail Voting, PO no. 6, box 351, 10 000 Prishtina, Kosovo.

The ballot can be obtained from one of the following sources:

  • In CEC web page 
  • Based on your request, through email, and
  • Embassies and Consulates of Republic of Kosovo, for their addresses, please 
  • Help line in the Unit of By Mail Voting Operation:

  + 381 (038) 213 100, and +381 (038) 213 200

The ballot must be received by CEC the latest by 15th of December 2017.