Kosovo Assembly Elections 2001

Kosovo has held Assembly Elections on 17 November 2001. Number of citizens of Kosovo who have voted in these elections was 1,249,987, while voter turnout was 64%. That election was closed list, and is voted only for a political subject. Political parties nominated theirs candidates in the list. There was one electoral zone (Kosovo). Hundred deputies were elected, while 20 seats were reserved. A third of MP candidates are determined on the gender basis. Was voted in 1.668 polling stations and had 498 Polling centers.

2007 Elections

- Elections for the Assembly of Kosovo
- Municipal Assembly Elections
- Mayoral Elections

2007 Municipal elections were held in Kosovo on November 17, at the same time as elections to the Assembly of Kosovo, with a second round for the mayoral elections held on December 8. The elections were held in Kosovo's thirty municipalities, and for the first time, local mayors were directly elected Number of citizens of Kosovo who have voted in this election was 1454. 174. Voter turnout for the Assembly of Kosovo was 54%, For Municipal Assemblies: 39.4%. For Mayors: 39. 5. Elections for the Kosovo Assembly, Municipal Assembly For the first time, it was decided 'electoral threshold' of 5%. Elections for the Assembly of Kosovo, was developed as a constituency. The elections provided 100deputies for the Assembly of Kosovo, the 920 municipal assembly’s adviser, 30 for the mayors, and appointments were made in five municipalities / four mayors appointed. There were 20 reserved seats for the Assembly of Kosovo. A third of MP candidates are determined on the gender basis. In these elections were 2.323 polling stations and 621 polling centers. For Special Need Voting were 108 teams were organized for 6.372 voters. Twenty-seven thousand observers observed the elections.

2007 Elections for Central and Local government in Kosovo were held on 17 November. Total number of Kosovo citizens who have come to the polls, were 628,630 people. Number of voters citizens of Kosovo were 622,397. There were mail voters.  Number of conditional ballots was 33,791. Voter turnout is determined within the territory of Kosovo in the rate of 42.40%. Overall participation was estimated in the rate of 40.10%.

Results by party

PDK: 196207 or 34.3% PDK

LDK: 129410 or 22.6
AKR: 70165 or 9.6%
LDD – PSHDK: 57002 or 10.0%
AAK: 54611 or 9.6%
ORA: 23722 or 4.1%
PD: 9890 or 1.7%
Others: 30760 or 4 percentage.

Number of seats in Assembly

PDK: 37 deputies 
LDK: 25 deputies 
AKR: 13 deputies

LDD-PSHDK: 11 deputies t
AAK: 10 deputies
KDTP: 3 deputies 
PDAK: 3 deputies 
SLS: 3 deputies 
SDSKiM: 3 deputies
SDA: two deputies
SNS: one deputy
ND: one deputy 
GIG: one deputy 
SKMS: one deputy 
IRDK: one deputy 
SNSDKiM: one deputy 
PREBK: one deputy