Secretariat of CEC


Secretariat of the CEC is a technical body, established by the CEC to assist the CEC in performing its functions and responsibilities. Secretariat of the CEC implements the decisions of the CEC and prepares reports, recommendations for decisions of the CEC, provides other necessary administrative support for the CEC. After approval by the CEC, Secretariat concludes agreements with third parties, on behalf of the CEC, relying on the procedures established by the CEC. Secretariat of the CEC is headed by the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive who answer directly to the CEC.

Municipal Election Commissions

Municipal Election Commissions (MEC) are bodies established by the CEC in thirty – eight (38) municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo to help organize elections. MEC are responsible to administer elections within their respective municipality, under the exclusive supervision and guidance of the CEC, which operates through the Secretariat, ensuring legality, legitimacy and efficiency of the electoral process. MEC consists of seven (7) members appointed within fifteen days after the announcement of elections.

The list of MEC nominations 2013